NORWALK, CT AER Profiled Soilsto establish areas of arsenic containing soil. A remedial plan wasdeveloped to manage the off-site disposal of 2,000tons of arseniccontaining soil. The likely source of the arsenic containing soil was "clean" fillexcavated froma former fruit orchard.

AER’s objective is to design each remedial program to achieve the highest standard of effectiveness as well as being the most cost-efficient


  • Connecticut Transfer Act
  • Phase I, II and III Site Assessments; Remedial Action design and implementation
  • Asbestos, lead paint and mold assessment and abatement
  • Demolition Project Management
  • Underground storage tank closure (gas station rehabitulation is our speciality)
  • Application of CTDEEP and Federal Regulation
  • Emerging contaminant studies (including PFAS experience)
  • Design, construction, and installation of recovery and interceptor well systems
  • Coordination of soil gas surveys and sub-slab vapor recovery systems
  • 37+ years of experience providing environmental services 
  • Groundwater supply investigations using both remote and direct field techniques; pump test design and analysis; drilling supervision; design, construction, and development of production wells and monitor well fields; and formulation and administration of groundwater monitoring programs.

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